Mere Creation: Science, Faith and Intelligent Design
Table of Contents
Foreword/ Henry F. Schaefer III

Introduction: Mere Creation/ William A. Dembski

Part One: Unseating Naturalism
1. Nature: Designed or Designoid/ Walter L. Bradley
2. Unseating Naturalism/ Jonathan Wells

Part Two: Design Theory
3. "You Guys Lost"/ Nancy R. Pearcey
4. Redesigning Science/ William A. Dembski
5. The Explanatory Power of Design/ Steven C. Meyer
6. Applying Design Within Biology/ Paul A. Nelson

Part Three: Biological Design
7. Intelligent Design Theory as a Tool for Analyzing Biochemical Systems/ Michael J. Behe
8. Basic Types of Life/ Siegfried Scherer
9. Apes of Ancestors?/ Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer
10. Evolutionary Accounts of Altruism & the Problem of Goodness by Design/ Jeffrey P. Schloss

Part Four: Philosophy & Design
11. The Explanatory Relevance of Libertarian Agency as a Model of Theistic Design/ J. P. Moreland
12. Design, Chance & Theistic Evolution/ Del Ratzsch
13. God of the Gaps/ John Mark Reynolds
14. Design & the Cosmological Argument/ William Lane Craig

Part Five: Design in the Universe
15. Big Bang Model Refined by Fire/ Hugh Ross
16. Design in Physics & Biology/ Robert Kaita
17. GÖdel's Question/ David Berlinski
18. Artificial Life & Cellular Automata/ Robert C. Newman

Afterword: How to Sink a Battleship/ Phillip E. Johnson

Postscript: The Twenty-first Century Has Arrived/ Bruce Chapman


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