The Bible Study Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to an Essential Practice
Table of Contents
Introduction: Solid
Part 1: Foundations
1. Centrality of the Word
2. Power of the Word
3. Authority of the Word
4. Water for the Soul
5. Community Around the Word
Part 2: Building Blocks
6. Honor the Author
7. Respect for the Story
8. Attentiveness
9. Curiosity
10. Understanding
11. Response
Part 3: Tool Box
12. Selection
13. Creating a Manuscript
14. Prayer
15. Determining Genre
16. Research Tools
17. Identifying Structure
18. Imagination
19. Commentaries
20. Studying Poetry
21. Group Study
Appendix A: Tips for Small Group Leaders
Appendix B: Introduction to Inductive Bible Study
Appendix C: Paying Attention to the Bible
Appendix D: Laws of Composition--Extended Version
Appendix E: Resources
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