Too Far to Say Far Enough, Reluctant Prophet Series #3
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"Please, God! Show me what we’re doing here!"
     Go another mile was the answer…
With two Sacrament Houses open, the Sisters’ second hand clothing boutique making its debut, and the orphaned Desmond legally adopted, will reluctant prophet Allison Chamberlain finally say, "Enough!" when God continues to Nudge her—this time to Go another mile?
In this gripping conclusion to The Reluctant Prophet trilogy, Allison Chamberlain confronts the darkness of society—both in the drug-infested neighborhood of West King Street, and within the menacing business empire of Chamberlain Enterprises. Allison must decide, Is the price of anger and hatred worth the cost of loving?
With most of her relationships in jeopardy, Allison finds surprising allies who convince her she—just like Harley riders who reach what seems to be the end of the road—has come too far to say far enough. But not before the lives of those most precious to her are threatened—and not before she discovers the true identity of the prophet within.

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