Ravished by Beauty: The Surprising Legacy of Reformed Spirituality
Table of Contents

Prologue: Ring Lake Ranch, Wyoming
Chapter One: The Double Irony of Reformed Spirituality: Nature, Desire and the Easily-Diverted Quest for God's Beauty
Landscapes of Desire: The Whole World Singing: A Journey to Iona and Taizé
Chapter Two: John Calvin on the World as a Theater of God's Glory
Landscapes of Desire: Can We Chant Psalms with All God's Creatures?
Chapter Three: Nature and Desire in Seventeenth-Century Puritanism
Landscapes of Desire: Open the Kingdom for a Cottonwood Tree
Chapter Four: The Schooling of Desire: Nature's Purifying Role in Affliction
Landscapes of Desire: Biodiversity and the Holy Trinity
Chapter Five: Jonathan Edwards on Beauty, Desire, and the Sensory World
Landscapes of Desire: On Pilgrimage with Jonathan Edwards
Chapter Six: Transformed by Beauty: Environmental Ethics and the Wildness of God
Epilogue: Dead Creek, East Saint Louis
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