New Hampshire Off the Beaten Path, 8th
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Tired of the same old tourist traps? Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for something different, New Hampshire Off the Beaten Path shows you the Granite State you never knew existed. Follow a nature trail marked with verse at the Robert Frost Homestead; partake in the specialties at the Yankee Smokehouse, one of New England’s few authentic open-pit barbecues; or learn about the history of skiing at the New England Ski Museum. So if you’ve "been there, done that" one too many times, get off the main road and venture Off the Beaten Path.

Visit the Foolish Frog, Carol Hawley and Francis McMilleon’s amazing museum (on Route 3 in Stratford Hollow) featuring hundreds of "frogs"—from plastic toys and novelties to a frog-shaped flute and frog-themed baskets, puzzles, pottery, and potholders.
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