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...for tough beginnings

A Wife's Prayer for the First Years of Marriage  3

Prayer Concerning the Baby Blues  4

A New Parent's Prayer  5

Needing Help with a Difficult Child  6

Prayer from the Bottom of an Empty nest  7

Prayer for Help During a Move  8

Grant Wisdom as I Start a New Business 9

Help Me Cope with a New pet  10

A Wife's Prayer on her Husband's retirement  11


.. on breaking free

A Prayer for Release from Inferiority  12

Help with Overeating  13

Prayer for release from Guilt  14

Help Me Overcome Survivor's Guilt  15

Prayer for Fear of Flying  16

Prayer Against Fear after Watching Terrorist Attack on Television  17

Help Me Accept the Aging Process  18


... on longing for peace

Prayer for a Non-Christian to Pray on the Way to Surgery  19

Cry from a Grieving Heart  20

Prayer for the Times I Fail  21

A Prayer in Times of Loneliness  22

Help Me Be Sure I'll Go to heaven  23

Please Don't abandon Me in Old Age 24


... I'm waiting

Help me Trust You to provide a Marriage Partner  25

Help Me Find A Job  26

Help Me through This Financial Crisis  27

A Single Mom Prays for Financial Help  28

Prayer for Comfort after a House Fire  29

Prayer in the Midst of an Endangered Pregnancy  30

Prayer Concerning Guilt over a Loved One's Death  31

Prayer of a Rape Victim  32

A Prayer from One Falsely Accused  33

O God, My Children Have Been Wrongly Taken by the Authorities  34

Deliver Me from Feeling Useless  35

Make Me Victorious Despite Chronic Illness  36

... on living successfully

Help Me Organize My Busy-ness  37

Prayer When I'm Faced with Circumstances Beyond My Control  38

Prayer When I'm Exhausted  39

Prayer for a Troubled marriage  40

God, Lift My Depression  41

An Addicts's Cry for Help  42

A Prayer for Help after Receiving an Eviction Notice  43

Prayer While I'm Homeless  44

Keep Me from fear of death  45

A Prayer Concerning Midlife Crisis  46

A Prayer for Strength in Old Age  47

...on endings 

Prayer after a Miscarriage  48

Prayer When a Baby Is Stillborn 49

Prayer Following the Death of a Child  50

Prayer When a Teen Dies  51

Prayer after a Sibling Dies  52

Oh God, My Parent Is Dying  53

Prayer for a Dying Husband 54

Prayer When a Wife Dies  55

Prayer After the Break-up of a Cohabiting Couple  56

Heal the Rift in Our Friendship  57

Prayer Following the Death of a Pet  58

Take My Broken Dream, Lord  59





... for children

A Prayer for My Child's First Day of School  63

Give My Child Favor with Schoolmates  64

Asking for Help with Schoolwork Struggles  65

Help My Overly Sensitive Child  66

A Prayer for My Child in Crisis  67

A Prayer for a Rebellious Child  68

Guide Our Young Adult As She Leaves Home  69

Prayer after a Child is Injured  70

Help This Blended Family  71

Prayer of a Foster Parent  72

Prayer for a Special Needs Child  73

Prayer for a Family with a Disabled Child  74

Prayer for my Son and the Older Woman Who Seduced Him  75

Rescue Children from Sexual Abuse  76



... for loved ones, friends, and strangers

Prayer for Unsaved Parents  77

Prayer for Unsaved Friend  78

Prayer for an Unbeliever Who Fears Death  79

Praying about a Friend's Insensitivity  80

Prayer for the Family of a Suicide Victim  81

Prayer for Those Living Together Outside of marriage  82

A Healing Prayer for PTSD Suffers  83

Prayer for an Adult Survivor of Sexual Abuse  84

A Prayer Concerning Infertility  85

Protect Us from Road Rage  86

Prayer as an Ambulances Passes  87



... for prisoners

A Prayer for Justice  88

A Plea for a Prisoner's Submission to Authority  89

Gratitude for Incarceration of a Loved One  90

A Plea for Freedom  91

Walk with This Prisoner as He is Released from Jail  92

...for caregivers and the elderly

Help Me Care for My Elderly parents  93

Prayer When a Parent Has Dementia  94

...on marriage and divorce

Praying for a Friend in a Troubled Marriage  95

Keep a Marriage Together in the Face of Divorce  96

A Prayer for the Innocent Partners of Divorce  97

A Cry from an Abandoned Wife  98

Help My Friend Stand Up Under Verbal Abuse  99

Give Wisdom in a Physically Abusive Marriage  100

Lord, Reconcile This Married Couple  101

Prayer for Children of Divorce  102

The Prayer of a Wife Forced to Work Outside the Home  103

...on inner turmoil

Prayer for a Woman Never Loved by Daddy  104

Please Help with a Difficult Roommate  105

A Prayer for Women Suffering Guilt after Abortion  106

Give My Friend Assurance of Salvation  107 times of worry and stress

Help Me Get Along with My Neighbor 108

Prayer Following an Argument  109

Help During a Midnight Emergency  110

Prayer as a Business Fails  111

Help Me Trust When My Loved One Is Late  112

...for life-threatening problems

Bring Back My Runaway Child  113

Prayer for One in Bondage to Eating Disorders  114

Prayer for My Drug-Addicted Child  115

Prayer for Calm after Cancer Diagnosis  116

A Prayer for Someone in Extreme Danger  117

God, It's a Heart Attack!  118

Help a Person Threatening Suicide  119

...on release from bondage

Prayer for a Deceived Loved One  120

A Prayer for Someone with a Sex Addiction  121

A Prayer for release from the Prison of Selfishness  122

God, Save My Homosexual Child  123

Prayer for an Alcoholic  124

God, Deliver Your People from the Occult  125

A Prayer for Release from Haunting Memories  126

...for the unthinkable

Watch Over and rescue a Kidnapped Child  127

Prayer for the Family of a Murdered Child  128

Prayer When Someone Accidentally Kills Another  129

Prayer for a Relationship Broken by Adultery  130

A Prayer on the Death of an Unsaved Loved One  131

...for those with illness and medical problems

A Prayer for One with Diabetes  132

A Prayer for a Woman Suffering from Breast Cancer  133

A Prayer for a Man with Prostate Cancer  134

A Prayer for Someone in Chronic Pain  135

A Prayer for Headache Sufferers  136

A Prayer for One with a Debilitating Illness  137

A Prayer for a Paraplegic  138

A Prayer for a Mentally Challenged Person  139

A Prayer Near the End of a Terminal Illness  140



...for pastor and churches

Prayer for a Pastor's Child Who has Strayed from the Lord  143

Prayer for an Immoral Pastor  144

Refresh My Pastor Who Suffers from Burnout  145

Prayer Against Division in the Church  146

Prayer for the Church to meet Needs  147

...for individuals and groups

A Prayer for Gratitude and Protection for Our Police Officers and Fire Fighters  148

Prayer for the Media  149

Prayer for College-Bound Students  150

Prayer for American Students Abroad  152

Prayer for Foreign Students in the United States  153

A Prayer for Church Attendees Who Don't Know God  154

God, Save Gang Members  155 the workplace

Grant Guidance When a Boss Is Difficult  156

Help Us Resolve Work Conflicts  157

Grant Us Courage to Stand Against Wrong Principles  158

Fulfill Your Purpose for Christian Business  159

...when institutions falter

Grand Stability for the Stock Market  160

Prayer for an Uncertain Future  161

A Plea to Stand Firm Amidst Frightening Changes  162

Praise for God's Faithfulness in Tough Times  163

...for the government

Prayer for Our President  164

Prayer for Supreme Court Justices  165

Prayer for Our Cabinet members  166

Prayer for Our Senators and Representatives 167

Prayer for Our Governor  168

Prayer for Local and State Government Officials  169

Prayer for "WE the People"  170

...concerning national sins

O Lord, Forgive Our Sons and Daughters for their Abortions  171

Forgive Our Failure to protect Our Children  172

Help the Family of This Child Molester  173

A Cry Against Violence in Our nation and World  174

A Prayer Against the Plague of Divorce  175

We Confess Our Sins  176

Crying Out for National Revival  177 times of fear

Prayer for People Dragged into Courts  178

Prayer in the Aftermath of natural Disasters  179

Protect Us in the Midst of Earthquakes  180

Help Us Not to fear a Terrorist Attack  181

A Prayer for Individual Terrorist  182

O God, Defeat Terrorism  183

A Grateful Family's Praise after a Terrorist Attack  184

... when war threatens

A Mother's Prayer As Her Son Leaves for War  185

Bless All Soldiers Heading Off to War  186

A Prayer for Our Troop Commanders  187

Lord, Guide Our High Ranking Military Leaders  188

...for the world

Prayer for Needs in the News  189

Prayer Concerning the AIDS Epidemic  190

Prayer for Persecuted Christians  191

Prayer When Nations Collapse  192

A Prayer of Help for the Innocent Victims in War Zones  193

A Prayer of Help for the World's refugees  194

Strengthen Emergency Aid Workers Around the World  195

Contributors  197

Index  201








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