The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and what Can Be Done About It
Table of Contents

Part I: What's the Issue?
A Personal Preface
1. Falling Behind and Falling Apart: The Bottom Billion
Part II: The Traps
2. The Conflict Trap
3. The Natural Resource Trap
4. Landlocked with Bad Neighbors
5. Bad Governance in a Small Country
Part III: An Interlude: Globalization to the Rescue
6. On Missing the Boat: The Marginalization of the Bottom Billion in the World Economy
Part IV: The Instruments
7. Aid to the Rescue?
8. Military Intervention
9. Laws and Charters
10. Trade
Part V: The Struggle for the Bottom Billion
11. An Agenda for Action
Research on Which This Book Is Based
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