Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop: Techniques and Projects for Weaving with Wire
Table of Contents
How to Use This Book
Chapter 1: Chain Maille Basics
Jump Rings
Working with Jump Rings
Troubleshooting for Common Problems
Chapter 2: Getting Started
1 by 1 Chain
1 by 2 Chain
2 by 1 Chain
2 by 2 Chain
Project: Beaded 1 by 2 Chain Bracelet
Chapter 3: Byzantine Weaves
Byzantine Weave
Byzantine Rose Chain
Triple Point Byzantine Unit
Romanov Unit
Box Chain
Project: Byzantine “Evil Eye” Bracelet
Chapter 4: Spiral Weaves
Spiral Chain
Jens Pind Linkage
Project: Double Spiral Earrings with Pearls
Chapter 5: European 4-in-1 Weaves
European 4-in-1 Sheet Weave
European 4-in-1 Ring
European 4-in-1 Round Maille Tube
European 4-in-1 Shapes
Project: Graduated European 4-in-1 Chain Necklace
Chapter 6: Orbital Captive Weaves
Parallel Chain
Parallel Flower Unit
Project: Parallel Twist Earrings
Chapter 7: Round Maille Weaves
Round Maille Weave
Turkish Round Maille Weave
Inverted Round Maille Weave
Project: Caged Pearls Round Maille Bracelet
Chapter 8: Persian Weaves
Full Persian Weave
Half-Persian 4-in-1 Weave
Half-Persian 3-in-1 Chain
Half-Persian 3-in-1 Sheet
Project: Reversible Double Half-Persian 4-in-1 Collar
Chapter 9: Dragonscale Weave
Dragonscale Weave
Project: Royal Dragonscale Collar
Chapter 10: Finishing
Design 101
Final Finish
Maintenance and Storage
Aspect Ratio Charts
Fraction to Millimeter Conversion Chart
Millimeter to Inch Conversion Charts
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