Table of Contents

Introduction: Theology, Aesthetics, and Culture, Robert MacSwain
I: Tradition and Imagination: Revelation and Change
1. Scripture, Tradition, and Revelation: An Appreciative Critique of David Brown, William J. Abraham
2. Revelation, Christ, and Fundamental Theology: David Brown and Karl Rahner in Dialogue, Richard Viladesau
3. The Resurrection of Body: Reimagining Human Personhood in Christian Tradition, Margaret R. Miles
II: Discipleship and Imagination: Christian Tradition and Truth
4. Saints Before and After Death, Richard Bauckham
5. From Ethics to Eschatology: The Continuing Validity of the New Eve for Christian Doctrine and Discipleship, Tina Beattie
6. Revelation Imagined: Fiction, Truth, and Transformation, Douglas Hedley
III: God and Enchantment of Place: Reclaiming Human Experience
7. Enchantment and Transcendence: David Brown on Art and Architecture, Gordon Graham
8. Transcending Place and Time: A Response to David Brown on Enchantment, Epistemology, and Experience, Charles Taliaferro
9. Re-enchanting the World: The Possibility of Materially-Mediated Religious Experience, Mark Wynn
IV: God and Grace of Body: Sacrament in Ordinary
10. I am the Dance : Towards an Earthed Christianity, Kimerer L. LaMothe
11. Openness and Specificity: A Conversation with David Brown on Theology and Classical Music, Jeremy S. Begbie
12. Infinite Hospitality and the Redemption of Kitsch, Gavin Hopps
13. Were We Ever Secular?: Interrogating David Brown on Gospel, Blues, and Pop Music, Judith S. Casselberry
14. What if David Brown Had Owned a Television? Clive Marsh
15. After Ascension: The Body of Christ, Kenosis, and Divine Impassiblity, Graham Ward
V: God and Mystery in Words: Experience Through Metaphor and Drama
16. "A sensibility for the infinite": Metaphor, Symbol, Form, and the Sublime, David Fuller
17. Lectio Divina, Trevor Hart
18. The Density of Divine Address: Liturgy, Drama, and Human Transformation, Ben Quash
19. The Liturgical Body and the Gift of Presence, Ann Loades and Bridget Nichols
Response: Experience, Symbol, and Revelation: Continuing the Conversation, David Brown
Postscript: On Theology's Ekphrastic Mode, Taylor Worley
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