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Introduction: The Three Worlds of the Text: Reading the New Testament Story. 1. Preparing to Hear the Stories: The Cultural Context of the First Audience. 2. The Story before the Writings: Storytelling in Earliest Christianity. Part I: THE STORY IN LETTERS. 3. The Earliest Jesus Literature: The Thessalonian Correspondence. 4. Pauls Letters to His Followers: Philemon, Philippians, Galatians, Corinthians. 5. Pauls Address to Those outside His Circle: Romans. 6. Paul for a New Day: Colossians, Ephesians, Timothy, Titus. 7. Echoes of Other Stories: James, Jude, Hebrews, Peter. Part II: THE STORY IN NARRATIVES. 8. Stories Told: Approaches to Understanding the Gospels. 9. Gods Kingdom in a Tragic World: The Gospel According to Mark. 10. The Book of the New Community: The Gospel According to Matthew. 11. The Gospel as Heroic Narrative: The Story of Luke-Acts. 12. Irony and the Spirit: The Gospel According to John. 13. The Dawn of a New Day: The Apocalypse of John. 14. The Story after the Writings: One Story in Many. Appendix: Doing Your Own Research: Hints for Writing Research Papers on the New Testament. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.
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