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Chapter 1. YHWH's Violence: The Problem and Approaches Interpretive Approaches My Scope My Approach Summary of Argument and ContributionChapter 2. Introductory Considerations Religion and Politics in the Modern World Religion and Politics in Deuteronomy Other Gods, Divine Anger, and DestructionChapter 3. The Basic Threat: Idolatry and Destruction Introduction: The Alien Category of Idolatry Deuteronomy 9-10: The Golden Calf The Golden Calf Incident as National Myth Idolatry and TreasonChapter 4. Destruction and Restoration as Coercion Deuteronomy 4: Loyalty to YHWH Deuteronomy 32: A Song of Disloyalty Freedom and Coercion in the Ancient and Modern Worlds Chapter 5. Rebellion: The Individual and the Nation Introduction Deuteronomy 13: Incitement to Idolatry The Anger of YHWH: National and Individual Modern Response to Rebellion on Different Scales ConclusionChapter 6. The Horrors of Destruction Deuteronomy 28: The Covenant Curses Historical and Canonical Considerations Understanding the Curses Modern Curses in WarfareChapter 7. The Politics of YHWH and "Other Gods" Introduction Kings and Gods in Israel's Surrounding Cultures Deuteronomy 17: The Politics of YHWH The Politics of "Other Gods" What are YHWH's People to Do? The Modern Nation-State and the "Other Gods"Chapter 8. ConclusionsBibliography

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