Embracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us
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"This is a book for people who want not only to be saved by grace,

but to live by grace." —John Ortberg


Writing in the candid, lucid style that made The Jesus Creed and The King Jesus Gospel appeal to tens of thousands of pastors, lay leaders, and active Christians, Scot McKnight has now updated another of his most popular books.


In Embracing Grace, Scot encourages us to recognize the simple yet transforming truth of the gospel message: God seeks to restore us to wholeness not only to make us better individuals, but to form a community of Jesus, a society in which we strive to be in union with God and in communion with others. For this new edition, he’s added further reflections on the meaning of the gospel itself that will refine how you think (or rethink) about Jesus, the church, and the faith that you live.


"This is a message to be pondered, embraced, and embodied." —Ross Wagner, professor of New Testament Studies, Princeton Theological Seminary

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