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Romance Springs Eternal in the Land of Opportunity


Thwarted by mystery and mayhem, three historic Arkansas women are roused by love when—and where—they least expect it.


Meagan Snow hopes to support her family by opening a dressmaking shop in Eureka Springs. When she enters Nate Brooks’s office, looking for a loan, he feels immediately drawn to her. Does their relationship have a chance, or will another woman’s schemes bankrupt their love?


Humiliated and bitter, Abigail Connors flees home, only to be investigated by Marcus Wellington the minute she steps off the train in Hot Springs. Will Marcus uncover Abigail’s true character—or will she turn out to be the manipulative woman he’s heard about?


When her fiancé died in her arms, Becca Snow vowed never to love again. Yet she can’t help being attracted to her friend Luke Monroe. Will Becca learn to trust the plans God has for her life, or will the man who killed her fiancé murder her before she gets a chance to find out?


Can faith, love—and hope—spring eternal in the lives of these couples?

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