Early Christian Life and Thought in Social Context
Table of Contents

1.The Political Landscape:The Persian,Hellenistic,and Roman EmpiresThe Rise of Persia •The Persian Empire •Phillip II of Macedon •Alexander the Great Alexander 's Achievement •Alexander 's Successors (the diadochoi)•Early Rome Acquires an Empire •Late Republican Roman Politics •Augustus •The Roman Empire in Early Imperial Times•Augustus 'Successors (14-136 CE)2.The Jews under Persians,Greeks and Romans:539 BCE-135 CEThe Jews under Persian Rule •Judaea under Greek Rule (336-175 BCE)•Judaism and Hellenism in Judaea •Antiochus IV Epiphanes and Priestly Politics in Judaea •The Maccabaean Revolt (167-164 BCE)and its Aftermath •The Hasmonaeans and the Coming of the Romans •Herod 's Early Career •Palestine under Herod the Great and Archelaus (37 BCE-6 CE)•Roman Rule in Judaea (6-37 CE)•Herod Antipas •Agrippa I and II •Judaea and Galilee (44-66 CE)•The First Jewish Revolt •Palestine 70-135 CE •The Revolts of 115-117 CE •The Second Jewish Revolt 132-135 CE3.Graeco-Roman Literature History •Biography •Letters •Poetry •Moral Treatises •The Novel4.Early Jewish and Christian Literature Apocalypses •Testaments •Expanded and Rewritten Bible •Wisdom Literature •Hymns and Prayers •Jewish Historiography •Gospels •The Content of the Gospels in their Literary Setting5.Graeco-Roman Religion The Religion of the Greeks and Romans •Ruler Cults •Mystery Religions and Eastern Cults •Oracles,Astrology,Magic and the Occult6.Philosophy Epicureanism •Stoicism •The Academy •Philosophical Itinerants •Philo7.Graeco-Roman SocietyThe Household •Marriage •Attitudes to Women •Sexuality •Slavery •Education and Rhetoric•The Graeco-Roman Economy •Glory and Fame •Life in the Cities •Life in the Countryside •Entertainment •War •Atrocities •Government •Natural Disasters •Sickness and Death8.Early Judaism and ChristianityDescriptions of Judaea •The Elephantine Community •The Jewish Diaspora •Reactions to Judaism •The Civic Rights of the Jews •The Sabbath •The Temple •The Synagogue •Pharisees•Sadducees •Essenes •The Qumran Community •The ‘Fourth Philosophy ',Bandits and Sicarii •Herodians,Hellenists and Samaritans •Early Christianity •Resurrection •Messianism •Christians under the Empire

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