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Discover the Life-Changing Relevance of the Old Testament

This dynamic program takes your church on an eye-opening, heart-searching journey through Scripture on three interlocking levels:

Whole congregation—The major themes of the Old Testament snap into focus during 32 weeks of creative and powerful messages that take your entire congregation through the Old Testament.
Small groups—Truths taught in corporate worship get reinforced through discussion and relationship. Small groups dig deeper into God’s Word and apply it to their daily lives.
Individual—The Scriptures get up-close-and-personal as each participant takes a life-transforming journey through the first two-thirds of the Bible using the Taking the Old Testament Challenge individual reading guide.

This threefold approach will drive the truths of Scripture deep into the heart and life of each participant, with applications designed to turn lessons into lifestyles and principles into practice.

Pursuing Spiritual Authenticity: Life-Changing Words from the Prophets

The words of the prophets cut through the millennia, grab us by our shoulders, and shake us from our slumber. Like a bucket of ice water, they pour over us and shock us with the message that God still speaks and is calling us to radically authentic lives. The prophets address us right where we live and call us to fresh places of spiritual growth.

These eight interweaving messages, small group studies, and personal study assignments search the Bible’s prophetic books to reveal God’s heart on issues such as justice, radical obedience, facing life’s struggles, and many other topics. Volume four of Old Testament Challenge educates through action, not just words. It’s an exciting new approach for helping the people in your church move toward deeper levels of spiritual authenticity.

Old Testament Challenge Volume 4 kit includes:
• Teaching Guide with materials for 8 OTC messages
• 8 messages by John Ortberg and others on audio CD
• DVD and VHS video (use either format) presenting an OTC “vision-casting” message by John Ortberg and 4 creative video elements for use during OTC messages
• Discussion Guide with 8 lessons for small groups that follow the OTC sermons
• CD-ROM that includes 8 PowerPoint® presentations to use with each OTC message, 10 FAQ resources for the fourth 10 weeks of the OTC reading on CD-ROM, and “Are You an Old Testament Expert” interactive game.

Also Available
• Taking the Old Testament Challenge reading guide with a 40-week (and optional 32-week) reading plan
• Implementation Guide for launching Old Testament Challenge in your church

All materials except audio CD sermons by John Ortberg and others also sold separately.

Other Old Testament Challenge kits
1—Creating a New Community: Life-Changing Stories from the Pentateuch (9 Sessions)
2—Stepping Out in Faith: Life-Changing Examples from the History of Israel (7 Sessions)
3—Developing a Heart for God: Life-Changing Lessons from the Wisdom Books
(8 Sessions)
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