The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics Softcover
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Part I: Practising Studying Ethics Through Worship:.

1.Christian Ethics as Informed Prayer: Stanley Hauerwas (Duke University) and Samuel Wells (Duke University).

2. The Gift of the Church and the Gifts God Gives It: Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel Wells.

3. Why Christian Ethics was Invented: Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel Wells.

4.How the Church Managed Before There was Ethics: Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel Wells.

Part II: Meeting God And One Another:.

5. Gathering: Worship, Imagination and Formation: Philip Kenneson (Milligan College, Tennessee).

6. Greeting: Beyond Racial Reconciliation: Emmanuel Katongole (University of the Martyres, Uganda and Duke University).

7. Naming the Risen Lord: Embodied Discipleship and Masculinity: Amy Laura Hall (Duke University).

8. Being Reconciled: Penitence, Punishment and Worship: John Berkman (Catholic University of America, Washington, DC).

9. Praising in Song: Beauty and the Arts: Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Trinity Evangelical School of Theology, Illinois).

10. Collecting Praise: Global Culture Industries: Michael L. Budde (De Paul University, Illinois).

Part III: Re-Encountering The Story:.

11. Reading the Scriptures: Rehearsing Identity, Practicing Character: Jim Fodor (Saint Bonaventure College, New York).

12. Listening: Authority and Obedience: Scott Bader-Saye (University of Scranton, Pennsylvania).

13. Proclaiming Naming and Describing: Charles Pinches (University of Scranton, Pennsylvania).

14. Deliberating: Justice and Liberation: Daniel M. Bell (Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, South Carolina).

15. Discerning: Politics and Reconciliation: William T. Cavanaugh (University of Saint Thomas, Minnesota).

16. Confessing the Faith: Reasoning in Tradition: Nicholas Adams (University of Edinburgh).

Part IV: Being Embodied:.

17. Prayer: Poverty: Kelly S. Johnson (University of Dayton, Ohio).

18. Interceding: Giving Grief to Management: Michael Hanby (Baylor University).

19. Being Baptised: Bodies and Abortion: Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt (Loyola College of Baltimore, Maryland).

20. Becoming One Body: Health Care and Cloning: M. Therese Lysaught (University of Dayton, Ohio).

21. Becoming One Flesh: Marriage, Remarriage and Sex: David Matzko McCarthy (St Mary's College, Maryland).

22. Sharing Peace: Discipline and Trust: Paul J. Wadell (St Norbert's College, Wisconsin).

Part V: Re-Enacting The Story:.

23. Offering: Treasuring the Creation: Ben Quash (University of Cambridge).

24. Participating: Working toward Worship:Rusty Reno (Creighton University, Nebraska).

25. Remembering: Offering Our Gifts: D. Stephen Long and Tripp York (Garrett-Evangelica Theological Seminary, Illinois).

26. Invoking: Globalization and Power:Timothy Jarvis Gorringe (University of Exeter).

27. Breaking Bread: Peace and War: Gerald W. Schlabach (University of Saint Thomas, Minnesota).

28. Receiving Communion: Euthanasia, Suicide, and Letting Die: Carol Bailey Stoneking (High Point University, North Carolina).

29. Sharing Communion: Hunger, Food, and GM Foods: Robert Song (University of Durham).

30. Eating Together: Friendship and Homosexuality: Joel James Shuman (King's College, Pennsylvania).

31. Being Silent: Time in the Spirit: Michael S. Northcott (University of Edinburgh).

32. Being Thankful: Parenting the Mentally Disabled: Hans S. Reinders (Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands).

33. Washing Feet: Preparation forService: Mark Thiessen Nation (Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Virginia).

Part VI: Being Commissioned:.

34. Being Blessed: Wealth, Property and Theft: Stephen Fowl (Loyola College, Maryland).

35. Bearing Fruit: Conception, Children and the Family: Joseph L. Mangina (Wycliffe Seminary, Canada).

36. Being Sent: Witness: Michael G. Cartwright (University of Indianapolis).

37 Afterword: Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury).


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