Missional Moves: 15 Tectonic Shifts that Transform Churches, Communities, and the World
Table of Contents
1. Introduction Missional Moves – A Reverse Tsunami (draft included) SECTION ONE: Paradigm Shift (Theology) Expand from… 2. Missional Move #1 Saved Souls to Save Wholes (draft included) 3. Missional Move #2 Missions to Mission 4. Missional Move #3 Missional versus Attractional to Missional and Attractional 5. Missional Move #4 My Tribe to Every Tribe 6. Missional Move #5Center to Margins SECTION TWO: Centralized Practice Shift: The Local Church on Mission (Attractional) Shift from… 7. Missional Move #6 Top Down to Bottom Up (draft included) 8. Missional Move # 7 Flashlight to Laser(draft included) 9. Missional Move # 8 Transactional to Transformational Partnership 10. Missional Move #9 Relief to Development 11. Missional Move #10 Professionals to Full Participation SECTION THREE: Decentralized Practice Shift: The People of God on Mission (Missional) Expand from… 12. Missional Move #11 Formal Leadership to Fractal Leadership 13. Missional Move #12 Church as Institution to Church as Movement 14. Missional Move #13 We Can Do It, You Can Help to You Can Do It, We Can Help 15. Missional Move #14 Ministry as Volunteerism to Ministry as the Ordination of All Vocations 16. Missional Move #15 Great Commission to Great Completion
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