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Table of Contents

Part I: Before We Begin

Chapter 1.  Issues of Interpretation

Chapter 2.  Contemporary Methods of Studying the Bible

Chapter 3.  The First-Century Greco-Roman World

Chapter 4.  Israel's Story of Salvation

Chapter 5.  First-Century Judaism


Part II:  The Gospels

Chapter 6.  The Gospel According to Mark

Chapter 7.  The Gospel According to Matthew

Chapter 8.  The Gospel According to Luke

Chapter 9.  The Gospel According to John

Chapter 10.  The Synoptic Problem and Historical Jesus Research

Chapter 11. Non-Canonical Gospels


Part III:  Acts of the Apostles

Chapter 12.  Acts of the Apostles


Part IV:  The Letters Associated with Paul

Chapter 13.  The First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians

Chapter 14.  Paul's Letter to the Galatians

Chapter 15.  Paul's Letters to the Philippians and to Philemon

Chapter 16.  Paul's First and Second Letters to the Corinthians

Chapter 17.  Paul's Letter to the Romans

Chapter 18.  The Letters to the Colossians and Ephesians

Chapter 19.  The Pastoral Letters


Part V:  Other Letters

Chapter 20.  The Letter to the Hebrews

Chapter 21.  The Letters of James and Jude

Chapter 22.  The First and Second Letters of Peter

Chapter 23.  The Three Letters of John


Part VI:  Apocalyptic Literature

Chapter 24.  The Book of Revelation

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