From One Ministry Wife to Another: Honest Conversations About Ministry Connections
Table of Contents

TPart 1: The Connections
1. The Historical Connection: Blame it on Katie!
2. The Couple Connection: It Takes Two
3. The Children Connection: Raising Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy Children
4. The Friendship Connection: Sharing Your Life
5. The Church Connection: Relating to the Women in Your Church
6. The Personal Connection: Your Walk with God

Part 2: The Disconnects
7. The Disconnect of Criticism: Think What They Would Say if They Really Knew You!
8. The Disconnect of Pleasing People: "I'd Be Happy to Do It!"
9. The Disconnect of Bitterness: Pull It Up by the Root
10. The Disconnect of Failure: Failure Isn't Fatal, but It Sure Feels That Way
11. The Disconnect of Stress Fractures: Pressures That Stress Us

Part 3: The Reconnection
12. The Reconnection: Our Received Ministry

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