Heroic Living: Discover Your Purpose and Change the World
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Table of Contents


        Getting to Our Mighty Purpose ix

Part One: Create New Strategy for a New Time
1. Our Dilemma 3
        Navigate a Complex and Fast-­Changing World
2. The Way Forward 17
        Create Strategy for Your Whole Life

Part Two: Discover Your Mighty Purpose
3. Where Are You Now? 27
        Evaluate the World You’ve Inherited
4. Where Will You Lead Us? 39
        Envision the Future Worth Fighting For
5. Why Are You Here? 53
        Articulate a Purpose Worth Living For
6. What Kind of Person Will You Be? 67
        Embrace Values Worth Standing For
7. What Makes the Difference? 83
         Put Heart into Strategy to Give It Life

Part Three: Choose Wisely
8. Make Great Choices 101
        Learn to Use Your Head and Your Heart
9. Live in Freedom 145
        Listen to the Still, Small Voice

Part Four: Make Every Day Matter
10. Develop Consistency 157
        Get the Mind-­set for Getting Results
11. Recognize Progress 173
Use a Spiritual Technology for Purposeful Living

        Let Gratitude and Optimism Move You Forward 187
        Notes 195
        Acknowledgments 205

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