The Forgotten Ways Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches
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Put into Practice the Best-Selling Missional Guide The Forgotten Ways

"The business of engaging in mission to the West begins with a new imagination or, as Alan says, 'a new way of thinking.' Imagination and thought need to be grounded in practical reality. Alan and Darryn use the classic action learning model to great effect in making profound concepts useful in the art of movement making. This workbook could be the most helpful tool you will acquire this year."--Martin Robinson, Together in Mission

"At last, a practical guide for missional leaders! In this unique work, you have not only a wealth of real-life leadership ideas, reflections, and practices but also a deep reservoir of biblical insights that will position you and your community in the center of where God is and where he's taking the church."--Hugh Halter, author of The Tangible Kingdom

"The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a wonderful tool to help leaders translate the timeless truths on which the church is built into anointed actions that bring the authentic church to life again in this generation."--Steven M. Pike, Assemblies of God Church Multiplication Network

"In The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch set out the needed impulses and environmental ingredients to catalyze a true missional movement. In this handbook, he breaks it down into simple steps that can open our eyes to see what is missing and what is working. If you read The Forgotten Ways and found yourself excited but were left wondering how do I do this? you need to read and distribute this book."--Neil Cole, author of Organic Leadership

"The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a crucial tool for every church planter and missional leader. I'm looking forward to going through this with my team!"--Dave Ferguson, author of The Big Idea

"For too long there has been talk about the missional church without enough discussion about how it is worked out in local communities of faith. This book is an essential first step in moving from maintenance to a truly missional position."--Cam Roxburgh, national director of Church Planting Canada
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