If I Perish
Table of Contents
Publisher’s Preface

1. Declaration of War at Namsan Mountain
2. Escape!
3. A Temporary Hideout
4. A Place of refuge
5. Preparing for Persecution
6. Nowhere to Lay My Head
7. "Go to Pyongyang"
8. A Foreboding of Terror
9. The Elijah of This Day
10. Seeing, They Do Not Perceive
11. A Miracle and an Old Man
12. A Sympathetic Ear
13. A Broken Appointment
14. A Challenge to the Oppressors
15. Brimstone Fire Will Fall!
16. Under Watchful Eyes
17. Nationwide Arrest and Persecution
18. Hell on Earth
19. A Different Jail and a Renewed Vow
20. A Change of Heart
21. The Detention Ward
22. A Young Rebel
23. Inquisition
24. Pyongyang Prison
25. Life in Prison
26. On Trial
27. Memories
28. The Maniac
29. The Scabbed Baby
30. The Geisha Sun Wha
31. The Nursery in the Prison
32. Hearty Laughter
33. Tortured for Singing
34. A Beautiful Swindler
35. A Young Girls Condemned to Die
36. Handcuffed!
37. Desperate Hunger
38. Father’s Repentance
39. The Governor’s Sudden Death
40. My Sister’s Love
41. Rejected Freedom
42. The Rock Stands Unchanging
43. The Repentant Jailer
44. A Day of Rest
45. The World Turned Over
46. Millionaire Street Sweepers
47. Kidnapped by the Communists
48. Freedom at Last!
49. America

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