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Without a hint of moral superiority, Stephen H. Webb advocates cultivating a biblical view of animals and practicing compassionate stewardship of them. He develops the "first modern systematic theology of diet," touching on topics such as animal sacrifices, the Lord's Supper, pacifism, and the place for animals in heaven.

Because we make eating-related choices every day, this timely and original study will be of interest to all Christians seeking to practice a conscious faith in daily life. It holds particular appeal for animal lovers, animal rights activists, vegetarians, those who struggle with dieting and weight loss, and anyone interested in ethics, Christian witness, and socially conscientious discipleship.

"Webb's work provides the most readable, most convincing, and most up-to-date case for Christians taking a vegetarian diet seriously as an expression of their faith. He sends his readers an invitation to consider a renewed vegetarian Christianity in the context of rival approaches to vegetarianism and to theologizing about animals, proposing a vital appreciation for humanity's harmonious coexistence with animals in God's peaceable kingdom."
-A. K. M. Adam, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary

Stephen H. Webb is associate professor of religion and philosophy at Wabash College. His other books include Taking Religion to School; On God and Dogs; and The Gifting of God.

Good Eating is the debut volume in The Christian Practice of Everyday Life series, dedicated to theological consideration of the concerns of everyday life. Series editors are David S. Cunningham and William T. Cavanaugh.
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