A Jesuit Off-Broadway
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Dramatis Personae    ix
Foreword by Stephen Adly Guirgis    xi
Prologue    xv

Act 1: Into the Deep End    1
About Judas    7
The Birth of a God-Haunted Play    15
The Making of a Playwright    19
Who Killed Jesus?    28
A Study in Despair    41
"I Don’t Know, Man . . ."    49

Act 2: Teasing the Mind into Active Thought    53
The LAByrinth Theater Company    54
Readings    58
"You Wanna Do This Role?"    61
The Gospel According to Phil    66
Searching for God, Jesus, and the Buddha    71
The Jesus of History    80
Living with the Saints    87
The Woman from Magdala    93
Poverty of Spirit    100
Taking the Story Seriously    106
Jesuit Theater, a Nearly Forgotten History    119

Act 3: Fully Human, Fully Divine    127
The Hope of Results    128
Who Is Jesus, Anyway?    137
Satan Appears    153
Ready for Previews?    159
A Christological Crisis    164

Act 4: The Messiah Has a Cold    167
Chastity and Friendship    170
Traditions and Superstitions    171
A Theatrical Vocation    174
Reviewing Detachment    177
Walking Mookie at Night    190

Act 5: Hearts on Fire    201
Last Full Script Ever    202
Dramatic Faith    212
Faithful Drama    217
Just a Little More Faith    222

For Further Reading    231
Talk-Backs    233
About the Author    237
Who Are the Jesuits, Anyway?    239
Bibliography    247

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