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Chapter 1: They Refused to Give Up
Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)
Chapter 2: Longings of a Blind Girl
Chapter 3: Learning and Love
Chapter 4: Hymns and Heaven
"Emma" Emeline E Dryer (1835-1925)
Chapter 5: Typhoid Fever and God’s Call to Service.
Chapter 6: The Chicago Fire Brings a Fresh Start
Chapter 7: Building a Bible School
Chapter 8: Women and Education
"Nettie" Nancy (Fowler) McCormick (1835-1923)
Chapter 9: Love and Marriage
Chapter 10: Tremendous Riches and Devastating Loss
Chapter 11: The Wealthiest Woman in Chicago
Sarah Dunn Clarke (1835-1918)
Chapter 12: A Life of Privilege
Chapter 13: Mother of the Mission
Chapter 14: To Win One Soul
Amanda Smith (1837-1915)
Chapters 15: Finding Freedom
Chapter 16: From Camp Meetings to Africa
Chapter 17: Caring for Chicago’s Orphans
Chapter 18: Women and Missions
Virginia Asher (1869-1937)
Chapter 19: Women at the World’s Fair
Chapter 20: The Fate of Fallen Women
Chapter 21: A Light for All Women
Evangeline Booth (1865-1950)
Chapter 22: Called to Serve
Chapter 23: San Francisco and Soapy Smith
Chapter 24: The World for God
Chapter 25: Women and Politics
Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955)
Chapter 26: Longing to Learn
Chapter 27: Florida: The New Africa
Chapter 28: A Legacy of Hope
Chapter 29: Being That Kind of Woman
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