The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart
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Table of Contents

Introduction:             The Promise

Chapter One:             The Heart of the Church Planting Wife 

Chapter Two:            The Dependent Heart  

      The Church Planting Wife’s Job Description

      Interview with a Re-Planter’s Wife: Lauren Chandler, wife of Matt Chandler, The Village Church, Flower Mound, TX

 Chapter Three:         The Sacrificial Heart

      Eradicating Pride

      Interview with a Planter’s Wife: Ginger Vassar, wife of JR Vassar, Apostles Church, New York City, NY

 Chapter Four:           The Faithful Heart

      Forsaking Fear

      Interview with a Planter’s Wife: Lora Batterson, wife of Mark Batterson, National Community Church, Washington D.C.

Chapter Five:            The Peaceful Heart

      Battling Stress

      Interview with a Planter's Wife: Amanda Jones, wife of Curtis Jones, Bayou City Fellowship, Houston, TX

 Chapter Six:              The Helping Heart

      Being a Wise Helpmate to the Church Planter

      Interview with a Planter’s Wife: Shauna Pilgreen, wife of Ben Pilgreen, Epic Church, San Francisco, CA

Chapter Seven:          The Connected Heart

      Developing Life-giving Friendships

      Interview with a Planter’s Wife: Brandi Wilson, wife of Pete Wilson, Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN

Chapter Eight:          The Undivided Heart

      Choosing to Please God Alone

      Interview with a Planter’s Wife: Jenn Carter, wife of Matt Carter, The Austin Stone Community Church, Austin, TX

Chapter Nine:            The Healed Heart

      When Church Planting Brings Wounds

      Interview with a Planter’s Wife: Yvette Mason, wife of Eric Mason, Epiphany Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA

Chapter Ten:             The Encouraged Heart

      Dealing with Discouragement



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