Utah Off the Beaten Path, 5th
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Tired of the same old tourist traps? Take the road less traveled and discover the hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales other guidebooks just don’t offer. Off the Beaten Path® features the things you’d want to see - if only you knew about them! From the best in local dining to quirky cultural tidbits, you’ll say over and over again: “I didn’t know that!”
Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for something different, let Utah Off the Beaten Path show you the Beehive State you never knew existed. Pay a visit to Utah’s little-known historic sites and Indian ruins, find the real Big Rock Candy Mountain, hunt for the Fish Lake Ghost, or check out the Thiokol Rocket Display and see examples of rocket motors that sent astronauts into space. So if you’ve “been there, done that” one too many times, get off the main road and venture Off the Beaten Path.
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