Matthew: The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries
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The Bridge between the Old and New Testaments


Dr. John Walvoord believed that the gospel of Matthew set the stage for the entire revelation of the New Testament. In this fourth volume of the renewed Walvoord Commentary series, renowned biblical scholar and prophecy expert John Walvoord, along with Dr. Charles Dyer and Philip Rawley, walks readers through the gospel of Matthew chapter by chapter and unfolds the gospel’s message of Jesus’ messianic identity, teachings, miracles, and future return as victorious King.


As the first gospel, the book of Matthew is a bridge between the Old Testament and the New. It presents Jesus as the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament, but also as the Savior whose death was necessary for the salvation of mankind. The major focus of the gospel is the question of why Christ did not establish His kingdom at His first coming. The extended prophetic discourses recorded by Matthew provide the answers, and Dr. Walvoord gives detailed attention to these passages, especially the Olivet discourse (Matt. 24–25).   


Along with issues of date and authorship, Dr. Walvoord illuminates the genealogy and birth of Jesus, His early ministry, the Sermon on the Mount, His messianic miracles, controversies with religious leaders, and His death and resurrection.   


Biblical scholar Charles H. Dyer and writer Philip E. Rawley have revised and expanded this classic commentary by updating Scripture quotations with the English Standard Version (ESV), interacting with contemporary scholars on interpretive issues, and adding numerous insights into the geography of the land in which Jesus traveled and ministered. Pastors, laypeople, and scholars will find their study of Matthew greatly enriched by this updated volume. 

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