Table of Contents

''Mapping the Royal Road'': An Introduction to the Oxford Handbook on Religion and the American News Media, Diane Winston
Section One: History
1. Religion and News in Eighteenth-Century America, David Copeland
2. The Penny Press and the Birth of Modern Religion Reporting, Judith M. Buddenbaum
3. American Journalism and Religion, 1870-1930, Richard Flory
4. Religion News Coverage between 1930 and 1960, Debra L. Mason
5. Religion in the News Since 9/11, Stewart M. Hoover
6. Late Night Comedy as a Source of Religion News, Lynn Schofield Clark and Jill Dierberg
Section Two: The Media
7. Religion in Print Media, Doug Underwood
8. Religion News on the Radio, Peter Manseau
9. Religion in Commercial Television News, Michele Rosenthal
10. Religion News Online, Debra L. Mason
Section Three: Religions
11. American Catholicism and the Mass-Market Newsweekly, Peter Manseau
12. Mainline Protestants and News Narratives, J. Terry Todd
13. Orthodox Judaism and the News, Nora L. Rubel
14. Media Representations of 'Sunbelt' Evangelicalism, Darren Dochuk
15. The Legend of the Assassins in News Coverage of Muslims, Karim H. Karim
16. News coverage of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jana Reiss
17. News Coverage and Popular Press Reports of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Jane Naomi Iwamura
18. American Press Coverage of Buddhism from the 1870s to the Present, Nick Street
19. Wicca in the News, Sarah M. Pike
20. Media Coverage of Scientology in the United States, Carole M. Cusack
Section Four: Issues and Beats
21. Religion and Politics in Print, Mark Silk
22. Media Portrayals of the Moral Majority, John P. Bartkowski and Ashraf Alam
23. Evolution, Creationism and Objectivity in the Press, Lauri Lebo
24. Alternative Medicine in the Press, Steven Barrie-Anthony
25. News Coverage of Religion, Sexuality and AIDS, Diane Winston
26. Race and Racism in News Coverage of Religion, Marcia Alesan Dawkins
27. Football and Christianity in the News, Annie Blazer
28. The Celebrification of Religion in the Age of Infotainment, Kathryn Lofton
Section Five: International Coverage
29. Latin American Religion in the News, Magali do Nascimento Cunha
30. American Coverage of Immigration, Islam, and Identity in the UK and the Netherlands, Elizabeth Poole
31. American Newspaper Coverage of Islam in the Arab World, Philip Seib
32. American News Coverage of Chinese Uighurs, Dalia Hashad
33. Religion and Reporting in Africa, Anthea Butler
Section Six: The Religious Press
34. The Independent Catholic Press and Vatican II, Denise P. Ferguson
35. The Mainline Protestant Press, Mark Hulsether
36. The American Jewish Press, Jonathan D. Sarna
37. The Evangelical Press, Ken Waters
38. The Muslim Press in the United States, Faiza Hirji
39. The African American Religious Press, John M. Giggie
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