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"As a young girl my life was not a fairy tale or one you wished upon. It does have sweet memories of playing by the sea with friends, but unfortunately these memories include ones of pain that no little girl should ever endure. Even though on the outside I sometimes reflected physical stripes there is One who saw me through my zebra tears." —T.S. Vallée
While traveling to the beach with her daughter and grandchildren, Tess reminisces about her childhood playing on the grounds of an old Indian palace by the sea. Tess knows as she shares these memories that she cannot avoid telling of the pain and hurt she endured.
Follow Tess as young girl growing up in India and her experiences at the St. Mary’s Convent boarding school. The loneliness, rejection, and abuse she receives do not stop Tess from seeking the happiness, love and forgiveness she desires.
T. S. Vallée, known as Terri to family and friends, is a mother of two children and a grandmother to five, Nicholas, Victoria, Michael, Matthew and Nathaniel. She has a jail ministry where she continually writes, encourages and provides Christian books to inmates. Terri is the Sr. Customer Service agent at Charisma Media, located in Lake Mary, Florida.

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