Relational Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their Influence Through a New Way of Being Smart
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Relational Intelligence (RI) reminds us that the way we chooseto relate to one another determines the quality of our humanexperience and reveals what we value most. If we took a panoramicview of humanity, we'd discover that human relationshipsunfortunately are often reduced to a commodity, as if people werebuying, selling, and trading relationships for personal benefit.This book challenges leaders to no longer see people as a means toan end but to approach people with relational intelligence.

In this book, thought leader, relational intelligencepractitioner, and professor Steve Saccone defines the six roles ofa relational genius and why they're essential for the relationallyintelligent leader. These life-changing principles can be appliedboth to church leadership and any other leadership context.

While many leaders want to be relationally intelligent, theystruggle to understand what it means and how to implement it.Saccone defines RI in a clear and provocative way: "Relational" inRI means learning to see people as the highest value and conveyingthat to them. The "Intelligent" part of RI means learning effectiveinterpersonal skills and then applying them in ways that expandinfluence.

Many leaders long to be influential and missional but,mistakenly, this pursuit is often at the cost of valuing people.When leaders get the relational part right (loving well), andcombine it with the intelligence part (applying effectiveinterpersonal skills), their impact will be far-reaching, and evenimmeasurable.

As a result of becoming relationally intelligent, the world willbecome not only a smarter place, but a more human one. This is theworld Jesus envisions, where love and mission intersect—aworld that can only become a reality if we begin to live—andlead with—this new way of being smart.

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