Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Week 1 The Blessing of Giving

Week 2 Value-Added Worship

Week 3 Sowing and Reaping

Week 4 Sowing in Tears

Week 5 Firstfruits

Week 6 The Exchange

Week 7 What You Give and What You Keep

Week 8 Giving, Not Getting, Makes You Rich

Week 9 Rich Fools

Week 10 Investments That Disappear

Week 11 Cheerful Giving

Week 12 Providing for the Lord?

Week 13 The Winds and Clouds of Circumstances

Week 14 When Not to Give

Week 15 God Calculates, and So Should We

Week 16 A Very Powerful Principle

Week 17 Tithing in the New Testament

Week 18 Profitable Investments

Week 19 His Poverty, Our Riches

Week 20 The Riches of Liberality

Week 21 The Love of Money

Week 22 Sharing Your Blessings

Week 23 The Amazing Power of Money

Week 24 Giving with a Price Tag

Week 25 Freewill Offerings

Week 26 The Better Sacrifice

Week 27 Proper Protocol

Week 28 God’s Antidote for Greed

Week 29 The Purpose of Wealth

Week 30 Growing Your Account

Week 31 God Will Supply…in All of Your Needs?

Week 32 When Taking Care of a Need Is up to You

Week 33 Looking Beyond

Week 34 Eternal Treasures

Week 35 Confessing the Gospel of Christ

Week 36 Stretching Your Money

Week 37 Increasing the Fruit of Your Righteousness

Week 38 Lovers of Money

Week 39 Two Kinds of Riches

Week 40 An Audience with the King

Week 41 A Memorial Before God

Week 42 Rejected Offerings

Week 43 Honesty in Giving

Week 44 Givers and Takers

Week 45 The Lord Will Provide

Week 46 God Gives…and Takes Away?

Week 47 To Honor a King

Week 48 The Focus on Him

Week 49 True Riches

Week 50 Increasing While Scattering

Week 51 Testing God

Week 52 The Rewards from Men and the Rewards from God



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