The Fundamentalist Mindset: Psychological Perspectives on Religion, Violence, and History
Table of Contents

Acknowledgements i
Preface iii
Martin E. Marty
Introduction 1
Charles B. Strozier and David M. Terman
Part I: What is the Fundamentalist Mindset? 9
1 Definitions and Dualisms 10
Charles B. Strozier and Katharine Boyd
2 Theories of Group Psychology, Paranoia, and Rage 18
David M. Terman
3 The Apocalyptic 41
Charles B. Strozier and Katharine Boyd
4 The Charismatic Leader and the Totalism of Conversion 60
Charles B. Strozier, Katharine Boyd, and James W. Jones
Part II: Motivations for Violence 71
5 The Paranoid Gestalt 72
David M. Terman
6 The Apocalyptic Other 97
Charles B. Strozier
7 Triggering the Fundamentalist Mind: Having Control
Under Control 111
Bettina Muenster and David Lotto
8 Fundamentalist Faith States: Affect Regulation and
the Attachment Relationship to God 126
Daniel Hill
Part III: Christian and American Contexts 139
9 Eternal Warfare: Violence on the Mind of American
Apocalyptic Christianity 140
James W. Jones
10 Opening the Seven Seals of Fundamentalism 164
Charles B. Strozier
11 The Unsettling of the Fundamentalist Mindset: Shifts in
Apocalyptic Belief in Contemporary Conservative Christianity 188
Lee Quinby
Part IV: Global and Historical Contexts 212
12 Motivations for Jihadi Violence 213
Farhad Khosrokhavar
13 Ordering Chaos: the Nazi Millennialism
and the Quest for Meaning 238
David Redles
14 The French Revolution and the Paranoid Gestalt 273
David P. Jordan
15 Hindu Victimhood and India's Muslim Minority 304
John R. McLane
Conclusion: A Fundamentalist Mindset? 336
James W. Jones

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