Prayer and Rejoicing: Biblical Wisdom for Kids
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Animated adventures little children love with God-centered lessons parents applaud!
With Paws & Tales, kids can enjoy meaningful adventure stories and fun animation while they learn biblically based concepts like being thankful, overcoming fear, putting others first, and obeying God’s rules.
This DVD features two brand-new Paws & Tales animated episodes!
Bonus Features: music videos, activities, and helpful teaching resources for parents, grandparents, and church educators

Staci wishes that she were a princess so she could help others who are in need. She soon learns that all Christians have the King as their Father and that our prayers to him make a difference in ways we can’t even imagine.

With his father making a lot of money working for Mr. Rockler, C.J. quickly finds himself on the outs with his jealous friends. New clothes, new privileges—even Tiffany thinks C.J.’s okay! When God told us to “rejoice with those who rejoice,” he didn’t mean we have to be happy for C.J., right?

Languages: English, Spanish
Running Time: Approx. 50 minutes
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