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You’re about to open up a new world of Bible understanding. Experience these life-changing features for yourself:
  • STUDY NOTES — 25,000+ notes guide you into a complete understanding of Scripture
  • THEME NOTES — 300+ notes explain the most important biblical topics in each book
  • PERSON PROFILES — 90+ profiles paint portraits of those who inhabit the pages of Scripture
  • SECTION INTRODUCTIONS — help you understand the major sections of Scripture
  • GREEK & HEBREW WORD STUDIES — give you tools to mine treasures from the original languages
  • BOOK INTRODUCTIONS — explain the setting and big picture for each book of the Bible
  • CROSS-REFERENCES — 52,000+ references lead you to related verses
  • QUOTATIONS — from modern and ancient writers to intrigue and engage your thoughts
  • FURTHER READINGS — recommend resources to continue your journey of discovery
  • RUNNING OUTLINES — quickly show the overall flow of each book
  • Detailed Charts, Interior Maps, Illustrations, Diagrams, Timelines, and more!
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