Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality
Edited By: Arthur Holder
Table of Contents
Notes on Contributors.


Introduction (Arthur Holder, Graduate Theological Union).

Part I: What is Christian Spirituality?

1. Approaches to the Study of Christian Spirituality (Sandra M. Schneiders, Graduate Theological Union).

Part II: Scripture and Christian Spirituality.

2. The Old Testament in Christian Spirituality (Barbara Green, Graduate Theological Union).

3. The New Testament in Christian Spirituality (Bonnie Thurston, ordained minister).

Part III: Christian Spirituality in History.

4. Christian Spirituality during the Roman Empire (100–600) (Columba Stewart, Saint John’s School of Theology).

5. Christian Spirituality in Byzantium and the East (600–1700) (John A. McGuckin, Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University).

6. Christian Spirituality in the Medieval West (600–1450) (Ulrike Wiethaus, Wake Forest University).

7. European Reformations of Christian Spirituality (1450–1700) (Jill Raitt, Univeristy of Missouri-Columbia).

8. Christian Spirituality in Europe and North America since 1700 (Diana Butler Bass , Virginia Theological Seminary) and Joseph Stewart-Sicking, Virginia Theological Seminary).

9. Christian Spirituality in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania (Richard Fox Young, Princeton Theological Seminary).

Part IV: Theology and Christian Spirituality.

10. Trinitarian Perspectives on Christian Spirituality (Mark A. McIntosh, Loyola University of Chicago).

11. Christology in Christian Spirituality (William Thompson-Uberuaga, Duquesne University).

12. The Holy Spirit in Christian Spirituality (Robert Davis Hughes III, University of the South, Sewanee).

13. Christian Spirituality and the Theology of the Human Person (Philip Endean, University of Oxford).

14. The Church as Context for Christian Spirituality (David Lonsdale, University of London).

15. Sacramentality and Christian Spirituality (Ann Loades, University of Durham).

16. Christian Spirituality and Theological Ethics (William C. Spohn, University of Santa Clara).

Part V: Interdisciplinary Dialogue Partners for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

17. Social Sciences (John A. Coleman, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles).

18. Personality Sciences (Janet K. Ruffing, Fordham University).

19. Natural Sciences (Robert John Russell, Graduate Theological Union).

20. Aesthetics (Alejandro García-Rivera, Graduate Theological Union).

21. Feminist Studies (Amy Hollywood, University of Chicago Divinity School).

22. Ritual Studies (Susan J. White, Texas Christian University).

23. Theology of Religions  (Michael Barnes, University of London).

Part VI: Special Topics in Contemporary Christian Spirituality.

24. Experience (David Hay, University of Aberdeen).

25. Mysticism (David B. Perrin, Saint Paul University).

26. Interpretation (Philip F. Sheldrake, University of Durham).

27. Nature (Douglas Burton-Christie, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles).

28. Practice (Elizabeth Liebert, San Francisco Theological Seminary).

29. Liberation (Michael Battle, Duke University).

30. Interfaith Encounter (Kwok Pui-lan, Episcopal Divinity School).


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