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Make learning fun with these creative Bible lessons!

Do you want to teach solid biblical truth to your kids without their eyes glazing over as soon as you say “open your Bibles”? Now you can.

Veteran family life and youth workers Janice and Jay Ashcraft have created 12 lively, ready-to-use lessons that actually make it fun to dig into Scripture. The Ashcrafts utilize creative learning techniques to spark your kids’ interest and keep them actively involved in each lesson, including
-learning games
-skits, melodramas and roleplays
-"digging deeper" investigations
- interactive worksheets
-much more

These lessons are clear, easy-to-use, and complete. With this book you’ll be able to build in-depth, creative Bible teaching into your busy schedule. Janice and Jay Ashcraft have worked as marriage and family therapists for over fifteen years.
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