Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: So You Want to Play the Violin 7

Chapter 1: Introducing the Violin 9

Chapter 2: Getting Started with the Violin 17

Chapter 3: Holding Up Well 39

Part II: Getting Started: The Basics 53

Chapter 4: Taking a Bow 55

Chapter 5: Getting the Left Hand Right 73

Chapter 6: All Together Now 91

Part III: Reading Music for the Violin 107

Chapter 7: Translating Five Lines onto Four Strings 109

Chapter 8: Making Rhythm Count 127

Chapter 9: Measuring Up: A Guide to Meter 141

Part IV: Musicianship and Harmony 163

Chapter 10: Weighing In on Scales 165

Chapter 11: Cracking Key Signatures 189

Chapter 12: Making Sweet Music Together: Harmony 197

Part V: Taking It Up a Notch: Techniques and Styles207

Chapter 13: Becoming Fluent in the Language of Bowing 209

Chapter 14: Putting Your Finger on It 241

Chapter 15: Playing with Style 285

Part VI: Getting into Gear, Staying in Gear 309

Chapter 16: Finding the Right Violin and Bow for You 311

Chapter 17: Protecting Your Assets: Violin Care and Maintenance329

Part VII: The Part of Tens 355

Chapter 18: Ten Performers — and Their Recordings 357

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Go beyond This Book 363

Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Tips on Finding a Teacher 373

Appendix: How to Use the Audio and Video Tracks 383

Index 395

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