Genesis: The Story We Haven't Heard
Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Haven't We Heard?

I. The Prologue
1. I Want a Name for Myself: Genesis 1--11

II. Abraham & Sarah
2. Ordinary Choices of the Worst Sort
3. Let Go, Don't Be Afraid: Visits 1-4
4. Walk with Me--and Speak Up! Visits 5 & 6
5. Coming to Trust in Each Other: Visit 7
6. What's Love--and Fear--Got to Do with It?
7. The Point: Abraham Brings Triple Blessing

III. Jacob & Esau; Rachel & Leah
8. Jacob Wrestles for His Blessings with Esau, with God
9. Three Mirrors for Jacob
10. Three Breakthroughs--and Disaster

IV. Joseph & Family; Judah & Tamar
11. Three Descents for Joseph, One for Judah
12. Older Brothers Bow: Does Joseph Tease or Test?
13. All Peoples, Including the Little Ones of Egypt


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