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Editor's preface

Part 1 Inspiration from Our Heritage
1. Is Evangelical Ecclesiology an Oxymoron? A Historical Perspective
-D. Bruce Hindmarsh
2. Recovering a Trinitarian and Sacramental Ecclesiology
-Kerry Dearborn
Part 2 Programmatic Proposals
3. The Marks of Evangelical Ecclesiology
-Howard A. Snyder
4. Evangelical Conversion toward a Missional Ecclesiology
-George R. Hunsberger
Part 3 The Best Ecclesiology?
5. One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic: Awaiting the Redemption of Our Body
-Edith M. Humphrey
6. Free Church Ecclesiology and Evangelical Spirituality: A Unique Compatibility
-Roger E. Olson
7. The "Gift" of the Church
-Michael Jinkins
Part 4 Responses
8. Paul Zahl
9. Richard Beaton

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