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Riches Become the Catalyst for Love in New Jersey


Issues of wealth and status have three nineteenth-century women tied in knots.


Meg Jordan’s father engaged her to a despicable man just for his wealth. But what is she to do when her heart already belongs to Colin Grassick, a simple Scottish glassblower, who helps her rebuild a schoolhouse for the poor?


Susan Morris longs to have her inheritance to lavish on the poor, while Daire Grassick longs for the finances to save his family business. Could a precious missing bauble be the key to both of their dreams?


Marigold McCorkle’s father demands she work as a nursemaid before receiving her birthright. But when will this job come to an end if her orphaned charges’ uncle Gordon Chambers continues to ignore them in pursuit of illusive Alaskan gold?


Can God use money to bring these couples together, or will it only harbor heartache?

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