Christ, Our Righteousness: Paul's Theology of Justification (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
Table of Contents
Series Preface

1. The Conversion of Paul as the Justification of the Ungodly
The Pre-Christian Paul and the Nation of Israel
Paul and Ethnicity
Paul and the Exile
Paul's Conversion
Paul's Pursuit of the Law
Paul's Persecution of the Church
Paul's Conversion According to Acts

2. The Righteousness of God: The Message of Romans
The Revelation of the "Righteousness of God"
Faith and the Revelation of God's Righteousness
The "Righteousness of God" in Biblical Usage
The "Righteousness of God" Revealed in the Gospel
The Justification of God and the Ungodly
The Righteousness of God's Wrath Against Idolatry (Romans 1:18-32)
The Impartiality of Divine Judgment (Romans 2:1-16)
The Possession of the Law as No Advantage (Romans 2:17-29)
The Advantage of the Jew in the Oracles of God (Romans 3:1-18)
The Law of God and the Righteousness of God (Romans 3:19-20)
The Righteousness of God in Christ (Romans 3:21-26)
Justification and Hope (Romans 3:27--8:39)

3. Beyond Romans: Justification by Faith in the Letters of Paul
The Thessalonian Correspondence
The Corinthian Correspondence
Justification in the Later Letters of Paul

4. The Righteousness of God and the Law of God
Paul's Legal Terms
"Law" and Related Terms
"Letter" in Paul's Usage
The "Works of the Law"
The Law as Witness to the Righteousness of God in Christ
Selected Passages from Galatians
Galatians 2:15-21
Galatians 3:1--4:7
Galatians 4:21-31
2 Corinthians
Romans 7:1--8:11
Romans 9:30--10:13

5. The Justification of the Ungodly and the Obedience of Faith
Faith as God's Work Through the Gospel
Faith as Obedience to the Gospel
The Faith of Christ
Faith and Justification
Justification by Faith and Judgment According to Works

6. The Justification of Ungodly Israel and the Nations
Israel as the Creation of God's Promise (Romans 9:1-13)
God's Righteousness and Israel's Rejection (Romans 9:14--10:21)
The Triumph of God in Israel's Redemption (Romans 11:1-36)
Israel's Exile in Romans 9--11

7. Justification in Paul, the New Testament Witness and Beyond
Justification as Verdict and Vindication
Justification in the Witness of the New Testament
Faith, Works and Justification According to James
Justification and Protestant-Roman Catholic Dialogues
Christian Preaching of the Gospel

Index of Authors
Index of Subjects
Index of Bible References
Index of Ancient Writings
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