The Gospels and Jesus: Second Edition
Table of Contents

Part I
1. From the Gospels to Jesus
2. What is a gospel?
3. Mark's gospel: The way of Jesus
4. Matthew's gospel: The way of righteousness
5. Luke's gospel: God's way triumphs
6. John's gospel: 'I am the way'
7. Why four gospels?
8. Part II: Jesus in Gospel tradition What do we know about Jesus of Nazareth?
9. Assessing the evidence
10. John the Baptist
11. Prophet and teacher
12. The Kingdom of God
13. Parables and aphorisms
14. Miracles and exorcisms
15. Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man
16. Conflict
17. The last days
18. Who was Jesus of Nazareth?
Index of passages cited
General index
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