Your Baby Is Speaking to You: A Visual Guide to the Amazing Behaviors of Your Newborn and Growing Baby
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Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Sleeping, Crying, Eating
The Sleeping Baby 2
Deep Sleep 4
Light Sleep 6
The Full Cry 8
Fussing 10
The Search Response 12
Feeding 14

The Amazing Newborn
The Fencer Response 18
Hand to Mouth 20
The Sleep Smile 22
First Steps 24
Hands 26
Pre-Reaching 28
The Smile of Discovery 30
Crawling 32
Feet 34
Yawning 36

Your Baby's Senses
Responding to Sounds 40
Visual Exploration 42
Touch 44
Cuddliness 46
The Not Very Cuddly Baby 48

Settling In
Startles 52
Drowsiness 54
Overstimulation 56
Signs of Distress 58
Soothability 60 
The Not Easily Settled Baby 62

The Social Newborn
Looking into Your Eyes 66
Feeding and Communication 68
The Power of Your Voice 70
Imitation 72
Learning 74
Temperament 76
The Social Smile 78

The Growing Baby, The Bigger World
Reaching Out 82
Exploring 84
Empathy 86
Learning to Love 88

Parent and Baby and
the Lifelong Bond 91

Author's Note 101
Photograher's Note 105

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