Table of Contents
Contents Preface Introduction 1. Worldview Thinking PART ONE: Six Conceptual Systems 2. Naturalism 3. Plato 4. Aristotle 5. Plotinus 6. Augustine 7. Aquinas PART TWO: Important Problems in Philosophy 8. The Law of Noncontradiction 9. Possible Worlds 10. Epistemology I: Whatever Happened to Truth? 11. Epistemology II: A Tale of Two Systems 12. Epistemology III: Reformed Epistemology 13. God I: The Existence of God 14. God II: The Nature of God 15. Metaphysics: Some Questions About Indeterminism 16. Ethics I: The Downward Path 17. Ethics II: The Upward Path 18. Human Nature: The Mind-Body Problem and Survival After Death Index of Persons and Topics
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