The Ancient Near East: Historical Sources in Translation
Edited By: Mark Chavalas
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Notes on Contributors.


Introduction (Mark W. Chavalas).

1. Sumerian Early Dynastic Royal Inscriptions (Glenn Magid).

2. Old Akkadian Period Texts (Benjamin Studevent-Hickman and Christopher Morgan).

3. Late Third Millennium BCE Sumerian Texts (Richard Averbeck, Benjamin Studevent-Hickman, and Piotr Michalowski).

4. Old Babylonian Period Inscriptions (Frans van Koppen).

5. Miscellaneous Old Babylonian Period Documents (Frans van Koppen).

6. Late Bronze Age Inscriptions from Babylon, Assyria, and Syro-Palestine (Frans von Koppen, Kyle Greenwood, Christopher Morgan, Brent A. Strawn, Jeff Cooley, Bill T. Arnold, Eva von Dassow, and Yoram Cohen).

7. Correspondence from El-Amarna in Egypt (Eva von Dassow and Kyle Greenwood).

8. Hittite Historical Texts I (Gary Beckman, Petra Goedegebuure, Joost Hazenbos, and Yoram Cohen).

9. Hittite Historical Texts II (Kathleen R. Mineck, Theo van den Hout, and Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.).

10. Neo-Assyrian and Syro-Palestinian Texts I (Sarah C. Melville, Brent A. Strawn, Brian B. Schmidt, and Scott Noegel).

11. Neo-Assyrian and Syro-Palestinian Texts II (Brent A. Strawn, Sarah C. Melville, Kyle Greenwood, and Scott Noegel).

12. Neo-Babylonian Period Texts from Babylonia and Syro-Palestine (Benjamin Studevent-Hickman, Sarah C. Melville, and Scott Noegel).

13. Achaemenid Period Historical Texts Concerning Mesopotamia (Bill T. Arnold and Piotr Michalowski).


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