My Early Life, 1874-1904: 1874-1904
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Table of Contents

Introduction by William Manchester

Preface by the Author


I. Childhood

II. Harrow

III. Examinations

IV. Sandhurst

V. The Fourth Hussars

VI. Cuba

VII. hounslow

VIII. India

IX. Education at Bangalore

X. The Malakand Field Force

XI. The Mamund Valley

XII. The Tirah Expedition

XIII. A Difficulty with Kitchener

XIV. The Eve of Omdurman

XV. The Sensations of a Cavalry Charge

XVI. I Leave the Army

XVII. Oldham

XVIII. With Buller to the Cape

XIX. The Armoured Train

XX. In Durance Vile

XXI. I Escape from the Boers -- I

XXII. I Escape from the Boers -- II

XXIII. Back to the Army

XXIV. Spion Kop

XXV. The Relief of Ladysmith

XXVI. In the Orange Free State

XXVII. Johannesburg and Pretoria

XXVIII. The Khaki Election

XXIX. The House of Commons
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