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Notes on contributors.

Preface: Ken Parry (Macquarie University, Australia).

1. Arab Christianity: David Thomas (University of Birmingham).

2. Armenian Christianity: Vrej Nerses Nersessian (British Library, London).

3. Bulgarian Christianity: Ivan Zhelev Dimitrov (University of Sofia, Bulgaria).

4. Byzantine Christianity: Hannah Hunt (Trinity and All Saints University College, Leeds).

5. Coptic Christianity: Janet A. Timbie (Catholic University of America, Washington, DC).

6. Ethiopian Christianity: David Appleyard (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London).

7. Georgian Christianity: Stephen H. Rapp, Jr. (Georgia State University).

8. Greek Christianity after 1453: Vrasidas Karalis (University of Sydney).

9. Romanian Christianity: Mircea Pacurariu (Sibiu, Romania).

10. Russian Christianity: Basil Lourié (Rector of Parish of Holy Martyr Elizabeth, St Petersburg).

11. Serbian Christianity: Radmila Radić (Institute of Contemporary History of Serbia, Belgrade).

12. Syriac Christianity: Heleen Murre-van den Berg (Leiden University).

13. Eastern Christianity in the United States: Thomas FitzGerald (Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA).

14. Eastern Christianity in China: Jeremias Norman (University of Washington, Seattle).

15. Eastern Catholic Christianity: Peter Galadza (Saint Paul University, Ottawa).

16. Eastern Christian Liturgical Traditions: Eastern Orthodox: Graham Woolfenden (St Sofia Orthodox Seminary, NJ).

17. Eastern Christian Liturgical Traditions: Oriental Orthodox: Bryan D. Spinks (Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Yale Divinity School).

18. Eastern Christian Iconographic and Architectural Traditions: Eastern Orthodox: Alexander Grishin (Australian National University, Canberra).

19. Eastern Christian Iconographic and Architectural Traditions: Oriental Orthodox: Lucy-Anne Hunt (Manchester Metropolitan University).

20. Eastern Christian Hagiographical Traditions: Eastern Orthodox: Dimitri Brady (City of Manchester).

21. Eastern Christian Hagiographical Traditions: Oriental Orthodox: Syriac Hagiography: Eva Synek (University of Vienna).

22. Eastern Christian Hagiographical Traditions: Oriental Orthodox: Coptic Hagiography: Youhanna Nessim Youssef (Australian Catholic University).

23. Eastern Christian Hagiographical Traditions: Oriental Orthodox: Armenian Hagiography: Verj Nerses Nersessian (British Library, London).

24. Sociology and Eastern Orthodoxy: Peter McMylor and Maria Vorozhishcheva (University of Manchester).


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