The Life of the Mind: A Christian Perspective
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"Clifford Williams offers just the sort of calm, insightful discussion of 'thought' that all students need as they begin their college careers. But because The Life of the Mind so effectively tackles truly big questions such as meaning, popular culture, death, and personal coherence, the book will be useful far beyond the classroom. For thoughtful Christian readers, this volume is a pause with true intellectual refreshment."
-Mark Noll, author of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

"Williams captures the allure of learning in fresh and revealing ways. From decades of teaching experience, he reflects on the importance of an inquiring mind and how it can contribute to the development of faith and character in our anti-intellectual culture. Heartily recommended for those asking why college is important."
-Arthur F. Holmes, author of The Idea of a Christian College

"Cliff Williams encourages the thinking Christian to see learning and the life of the mind as vocation. This is a call that the church can and should embrace."
-Robert C. Andringa, president, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

"The Life of the Mind will help us to think-to think Christianly, to think imaginatively, to think reflectively, to think virtuously. Those who ponder these pages will be renewed to love God with all their minds, to pursue truth, and to live faithfully."
-David S. Dockery, president, Union University

"A refreshing outlook on the nature of Christian living. This book is important reading for anyone who struggles with the relationship between faith and reason."
-Harold Heie, director, Gordon College Center for Christian Studies

Clifford Williams (Ph.D., Indiana University) is professor of philosophy at Trinity College. His works include Singleness of Heart: Restoring the Divided Soul, and With All That We Have-Why Aren't We Satisfied?
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