Barns and Outbuildings and How to Build Them, 2nd Edition
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A fascinating tribute to the beauty of the farm and the ingenuity of the American farmer
First published in 1881, Barns and Outbuildings, Second Edition, presents dozens of practical examples of barns and outbuildings, both large and small, complete with illustrations, floor plans, and building instructions for your easy use.

Inside you will find a wealth of design ideas, including:
 •Western cattle barn with covered cattle stalls
 •Portable pigpen with self-closing doors
 •Ice house
 •Dog house
 •Smoke house

Included are tips on choosing the correct foundation and materials for your particular structure and on how to take into account the overall aesthetics of your farm when planning your new building. 
Combining sturdy practicality with fine craftsmanship, Barns and Outbuildings, Second Edition provides you with all the information you need in planning your barn or outbuilding.
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